So this is where we tell you about us. Where to begin?

Patti, and Philippe

It's a brisk December afternoon in 1998, just a few days after Christmas. Patti and Philippe have been told about each other by a close mutual friend. After a few attempts, the two finally meet in Fredericksburg. After getting to spend an afternoon together talking and strolling downtown Fredericksburg, including a few trips to the Hyperion, eating at the Bankok Cafe, and seeing the Prince of Egypt (original showing), the couple is excited to be getting to know each other. Philippe returns to his home (a mere bachelor pad...renting with a few guys from church [sound effect: clear throat]) and promptly announces to his friends, "I believe I've met my wife today!". Patti arrives at her home and shares with her mom "I think hes' the one!"

Fast forward to May 2000...After what seemed like a very long engagement to some [camera zoom on groom to be], Philippe and Patti are married under a white tent at the home of the bride's parents in the presence of family and many close friends, in Fredericksburg, VA, followed by a long evening of dancing and sharing with loved ones. It is a sweet wedding remembered by many to this day. The pastor especially will not forget this one, since he had to marry the couple twice. You see, the groom didn't know he had to get a marriage license until asked to produce one the day of the wedding [show close up of county clerk closing office promptly at 4:30pm]. The couple is "officially" married a few weeks later, post honeymoon [happy times at the beach - in OBX].

Nine months later, first son Caleb is born, followed by Caden 2 years later and Jameson 3 years later. The nest is filling up.

Today, the Monks are a busy little family with 3 boys, 2 dogs and lots of frogs and lightning bugs outside in the summers nights. The story is coming together nicely.

Our family in our Christmas card portrait

 Philippe's grandparents' wedding, France, in or near Paris circa 1938

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So, that's a bit of our story, what's yours?

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The Heart Behind the Camera
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