Workshops for Photographers | Fredericksburg, VA | Ashland, VA | Richmond, VA

For Photographers: Consultations, Workshops, Mentoring
Photographers, aspiring and experienced, we offer mentoring to help you establish your vision, sharpen your skills, improve your workflow, and ultimately reach your photographic goals be they for professional or personal pursuit.

Topics we can cover, based on your needs:
  • Portfolio review
  • Goal setting, establishing your vision
  • Learn the ins and outs of your camera, which settings to use when, so you can use your camera intuitively and concentrate on the action, not the settings
  • Understanding light
  • Mastering the workflow process
  • Branding
  • Marketing
We will customize the schedule based on your areas of greatest need so that you get the most out of your time. We offer several options to help you advance to the next level:

4 Week Mentoring Program
We do a 4 week coaching program, with a 30min live phone call each week to address specifics and answer your questions, with assignments before each call, this would be $330 (we're not sure when, but we plan on this going up to $400).

Phone Consultation
We meet by phone consultation and webinar to go over any materials you have questions about, address issues you’re dealing with, and answer your questions, $125 per hour (we're not sure when, but we plan on this going up to $200).

Hands-On Training Workshop ½ day or full day
We meet in person at a beautiful Virginia location for ½ day hands-on workshop, with a photography session to go over shooting an actual session. We provide a model and walk you through the process, answering settings, lighting questions, client interpersonal process, ½ day: $395 (4 hours), full day (8 hours): $750. You can split the workshop cost with others if you wish. The smaller the group, the more personalized the training, the more you get out of the session, the more you learn. (we're not sure when, but we plan on these going up to $475 and $825 respectively)

We love teaching others how to create beautiful photography and how to make an income at it if you so desire. We’d love to help you get things off the ground. Call us today to get things rolling: 804.445.1381, 540.207.5006,