What is Portrait Photography?

We're excited to have some new features on our photography blog. We've really enjoyed our newest portrait sessions. Families are realizing the need to capture milestones for their children, babies, and for the whole family. Candid pictures and videos are surely a great way to document our children as they grow and enter new stages. Photographs are always a family treasure, increasing in worth as the years go by.

Having professional portraits created is an investment we never regret. Family portraits are highly valued by those who own them...it's not uncommon for someone to say that if their house were to burn down, with everyone safe, they would run back in for their wedding album and family photographs. There's a universal appreciation for saving our photo memories. This brings up some new options in safeguarding ones' pictures. Sites like www.dropbox.com (currently with a nice free service) are a great way to store digital photographs "in the cloud", i.e., at a remote internet location, typically with extra backup, should you want the extra peace of mind.

I wanted to touch on the words used associated with portrait photography. You'll hear terms like "family pictures", "baby photos", or better yet "portraits", and some even referring to the genre "portraiture". These terms are loosely used by some, even interchangeably. In truth, portraits are different from photos. They are artistic, and can be masterful heirloom pieces. Portraits are created, with intention, as opposed to "photos", which are quickly taken. Experience, and skill, technical knowledge and a creative mindset are necessary to creating beautiful portraits...which stand out for than natural feel, capturing true personality. Being fluent in the elements of art, understanding interpersonal skills, understanding the inner-workings of a photography camera and intuitively & purposefully controlling it, is key. When these actions and feelings are second nature, the creative process flourishes, and beautiful portrait photography of baby, children and family can be created!

Please enjoy our family portrait photography/childrens portrait photography and baby portrait photography sections above. Give us a call if you are considering having portraits created for your family. We look forward to hearing from you!

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