Wedding Planning Tip

Wedding planning is in full swing for so many brides. Here's a tip we shared with one of our brides today that I wanted to share with others as well.

When scheduling your ceremony start time with your ceremony venue be sure you all are on the same page as to what "start time" really means.

To some coordinators it means the time guests arrive, to others it is the time the processional begins with the grandparents, while to others it is the time the bride makes her grand entrance...the difference could mean putting your wedding schedule off by a BIG chunk of time or maybe grandma missing her escort to her seat. AH!

And while we are chatting about time, something else to consider, make your guest's invitation time earlier than your actual start time. There is always traffic or some late arrivers that really don't want to miss your big entrance. Just a few thoughts we have seen really help for a smooth sailing day.