Planning My Wedding

It's great to see couples planning for 2011 weddings, 2012 weddings, 2013 weddings. There are some serious planners out there who know what they want and how to prepare for it :) From their wedding dress to the perfect venue, flowers, cake, favors. A couple just booked us as their first reservation for their 2012 wedding. It is great that they appreciate the photography so much. Indeed, when it's all over the greatest way to preserve your wedding memories is with an experienced photographer.

Of course the value of a coordinator cannot be underestimated, as a key resource for great venues and wedding vendors. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, leading up to the wedding. Running the event is likewise a responsibility that ideally rests on the shoulders of someone who can give it the full attention it deserves, so the Bride, Groom and family can fully enjoy their occasion.

As you plan for your upcoming wedding, remember to plan carefully with your photographer. His experience and perspective will help craft a unique vision for your day and the memories you will have thereafter. Wise planning pays off :)

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