We are looking forward to participating in the upcoming Fredericksburg Virginia bridal show at the Fredericksburg Expo Center on Feb 20, 2011.
Wedding season is booking up, with the excitement of Christmas around the corner and many a lovebird getting engaged :). I personally believe the cold weather has a way of making us ponder our future, and with whom we should spend it...

Patti and I went on our first date right after Christmas, it is a sweet memory. We strolled downtown Fredericksburg, had hot tea at the Hyperion, ate at Bangkok cafe watched a movie, and walked downtown some more. It was such a good time for us. When you know you've found the one, your missing half, you just know it, and it feels incredible, it's what some would call magical, mysterious, what others would call a blessing.

Speaking of blessing, we've been enjoying some teachings from John Eldredge lately. I had read his book "Wild at Heart" a few years back, and recently my very good friend Kip shared some of his audio cd's with us on "The 4 streams". It has been a refreshing time.