More About Us

Patti and I shoot wedding and portrait photography.. we do this part time for now, and Lord willing, will be doing it full time some day. Part of my present day job includes corporate and advertising photography, samples of which you can view on flickr. My schooling was in fine art. I studied at VCU School of the Arts, earning a BFA with honors in Communication Arts Design in '94. I worked for Dale Glasgow many years after that, producing emerging multimedia and honing digital illustration skills with 3D and vector programs. Dale's sites are and Check him out.. he's good.

As a kid, I was often lost in dreamland, as many kids are. My mother, a french painter, and I frequenly visited museums and galleries as a kid. I don't remember them all, but the Louvre and several impressionists' studios on the French Riviera stand out. These experiences helped shaped my appreciation for art, for light, for beauty. Albert Bierstadt is one my favorite artists.

Today, my wife and I raise our family and steadily aim to grow our photography work. We love shooting. The technical thrills of photography are great, but envisioning and then creating images that are beautiful, memorable and meaningful, is a joy to us. We hope to one day see our work grace the walls of many homes and bring much joy to many. We are engaged with top printing services so that we can offer the highest quality prints and albums to our clients.